Sascha Quicker / Happy Mondays

Sascha Quicker loves electronic Dance Music ... So he starts Djíng in the early 90s.
At this time his favourite style was Trance and Techno. So he starts to play in different Clubs in and around Hannover.
B65, Flüghöhe 2000M and Tatöff was some of them. Also, he plays at some Dj Contest and made the 2nd place at the Pioneer Mix competition.
After a break and some years without mixing, true love never dies.

So he comeback as DJ OttEr in 2013. One year later, Sascha performs his first live spot for a prestigious Internet Radio.
Now the Style has changed into House, Deep House, Tech House and Minimal. From then on he played week after week.

His collaboration to Artist around the world bring him a huge Community. On Sascha's Mixcloud you can listen to some of his Mixes.

In September 2016 he plays at a big Underground Festival calls "Lille is Burning" in Lille/France
and start to perform his new Show "Happy Mondays" with fresh and classic House Records from his favourite labels on Radio DishFM

(Quelle: DishFM © 2015)

Sascha Quicker Music


B65 (Hannover/Germany) Flüghöhe (Hannover/Germany) 2000M (Hannover/Germany) Tatöff (Hannover/Germany) Lille is Burning (Lille/France)

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