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Noid, born 1987 in Sachsen-Anhalt/Germany is DJ, Producer, radio host of a two weekly show
and the administrative and creative head behind the Radio “DishFM” and Booking Agency “Takt Werk Booking Hannover”
which twelve Artists of the electronic Scene includes.

Noid's Music evolved in recent years from Trance to Techno until today to more house-dominant elements.
With his show "Night Drive", he invites his listeners every 2 weeks on a nocturnal journey
through progressive impulsive sounds, or sometimes relaxed housy grooves.


In 2011, Noid adjoins an existing, but still unknown radio project called "DishFM".
At this time he takes over the complete administrative tasks,
and the graphic implementation of this project.

He gives the already existing station a face and a soul.

In 2012 he starts with two other artists a radio show name "Sound Lab"
and invites every Sunday locally respected DJs and producers. The program is rapidly gaining favors and notoriety.

Sunday was to be a kind of Public Celebratory, artists from all over Germany were visiting and many joined the radio.

Parallel to the show founded Noid and his friends an Event Community.
Thus, the "Sommer Liebe" and "Tech Tribez" was born,
later followed by various other events in Hannover and the surrounding area.

Early 2013 founded Noid the booking agency "Takt Werk Booking Hannover"
and thus helped many new artists to enter the club scene.

The radio show "Sound Lab" now also bore the name of the agency
and there are more and more artists joined the project.

The radio was once more completely restructured and designed
and the Broadcasting operation was changed from Local to National.

This change brought Noid to the decision to end the show "Sound Lab"
and invest more time and creativity in the entire radio project.

While working on the radio were still planned events
and carried out under the name "DishFM" and "Takt Werk Booking Hannover".

Mid-2014 took place an association between the Agency and the Radio.
For the radio, now grown, the international market opened.

Some artists of the project released their productions on various labels around the world.
Collaborations were closed. International artists were recruited.
Noid placed his musical contribution to the reserve bench and gave the administrative tasks the highest priority.

End of August 2014 were all working regarding the radio finished.
The winter was approaching, the days were getting shorter and darker.
Just the right ambience to throw himself into a new project.

It was August the 24th 8pm CET and Noid played the first "Night Music".
Still 9 broadcasts followed until he went into the summer break.

During this summer break 2015 he planned with the radio the "Sun Down Festival"
and re-start his Show “Night Drive” in October.

(Quelle: DishFM © 2015)

Noid Music

Night Drive by Noid Music on Mixcloud


On the BeaTch Open Air (Hannover/Germany)
Nox-Club (Burgdorf/Germany)
Havana 15 (Burgdorf/Germany)
Deep & Float (Bremen/Germany)
Sunrise Festival (Hannover/Germany)
MelloTronika (Hannover/Germany)
Endless Summer Festival(Hannover/Germany)
Tech Tribez (Hannover/Germany)
Sommerliebe Open Air (Wunstorf/Germany)
Elektribez (Hannover/Germany)
Jachthafen Seelze (Hannover/Germany)
Ton Labor (Hannover/Germany)
Underground Club (Hannover/Germany)
Fête de la Musique (Hannover/Germany)
Happy Hour's (Hannover/Germany)
Schall & Rauch (Hannover/Germany)
Laut Club (Braunschweig/Germany)
Elektronische Idylle Open Air (Wunstorf/Germany)
Wohnwelt (Wunstorf/Germany)
Silo/Pinte (Hannover/Germany)
Engel 07 (Hannover/Germany)
Sundown Festival (Hannover/Germany)
Haller Lounge (Hannover/Germany)

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