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Berthold Baer, 42 years, found his way to the electronic music already in young years
and 1993 he appeared for the first time behind the decks.

So, he was known as DJ Balou and made a name for himself in the trance scene,
which very shaped him.

While various Gig´s like in the Acapulco Club, Club X-treme, CSD or Europalace the Web radio was attentive to him.
DJ Balou founded the party concept "Red Room", which is represented today worldwide.

2015, he starts his first live broadcast show called "Balou BB´s Red Room" on Dishfm which is now regularly aired.

Balou Music:

Shows by BalouRedRoomMusic on Mixcloud


Acapulco Club (Bonn/NRW)
Monkey Beats (Bornheim/NRW)
Two Orange Club (Köln/NRW)
Space Club im Ahrcenter (Bad Neuenahr/Ahrweiler)
Bang Boom Pang @ "Em Höttche" (Brühl/NRW)
Beverly Beats @ Corrida Dancing Club (Brühl/NRW)
Beuelerwiesen Open Air (Bonn/NRW)
Brasserie im Sportpark Nord (Bonn/NRW)
Club X-trem (Bonn/NRW)
Endart (Düren/NRW)
Tanzmühle (Hilden/NRW)
Tanzsportzentrum (Brühl/NRW)
Sapphir Club (Brühl/NRW)
Gordon`s (Köln/NRW)
Red Room (Frechen/NRW)
Pin Up (Bonn/Bornheim)
Coellner ( Köln/NRW)
Night Affairs @ Em Höttche (Brühl/NRW)
Wandelbar (Brühl/NRW)
Europalace (Mainz)
Magic (Mannheim)
A-Werk (Eberswalde)
Sonnentanz (Grevenbroich)
Projekt 42 (Mönchengladbach)
Tarm Center (Frechen)

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