Q.  What is DishFM?

A. DISH FM is a global internet radio service
which presents electronic music and its appropriate scene.
Ambitious electronic music is believed to be unforgotten.
This was the goal to start a project with the slogan "The Better Taste Of Music"
as a radio stream service in Cologne / Germany in 2010.
In 2013 the radio developed a more extensive concept that
contained bookings of artists and events. Another location opened in Hannover / Germany consequently.

Since midyear of 2014 DishFM expands sharply and especially globally.
The radio offers the possibility of an international advertising space
to well-chosen artists, labels and partners. The project solely funds itself and becomes
not supported by advertisements or media.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A. Our internet radio service provides high quality audio streams free of charge from our web as well as iOS and Android applications.

Q.  What are the system requirements?

A. DishFM on the web works in Firefox 3.6+ (all platforms), Safari (Mac and Windows) and Google Chrome.
We do not support Internet Explorer.


Q.  Where can I log in?

A. With the new concept of DishFM, we are refraining from collecting user data. All our offers are freely accessible,
no registration required.
The user can enjoy our music program at any time without entering his / her personal data.

Q.  This Radio Page is great, but something is still missing! How do I tell you my brilliant idea?

A. Our web offer includes three important components, good music, easy operation and great people
who work every day to make this happen.
We love the creativity and always have an ear open for new ideas. Please send us your idea via email:

Q.  Where do I submit bug reports?

A. To report bugs please go to the Feedback section. Please remember to include steps to reproduce the bug and
what browser / OS you are using.
Or you can email support at


Q.  Where can I download the DishFM app for iOS?

A. DishFM for iOS is available at the App Store for free.

Q.  Where can I download the DishFM app for Android?

A. DishFM for iOS is available at the Google Play Store for free


Q.  How do I listen / tune into DishFM?

A. Go to the home page of DishFM and click in the upper right to "Go to the DishFM Live Stream”.
Make sure you disable any adblocking software you are using and that your web browser supports HTML5.
We recommend Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Q.  I want to listen in Winamp, Media Player, Real Player or Quick Time Player. How?

A. Go to the home page of DishFM and click in the upper right to "Go to the DishFM Live Stream”.
In the stream window, click on the desired player in the lower right area.

Q.  I can't connect / I don't hear anything.

A. Please check if your sound is turned on, check connection or streaming software is working properly.
If the problem still persist, contact us:

Q.  Where can I find who is playing right now?

A. Go to the home page of DishFM and click in the upper right to "Go to the DishFM Live Stream”.
In the middle of stream window u can show any information about what is actually play on DishFM.
The title of the track can also be found on the display of your streaming software: (winamp, iphone, itunes).

Q.  The show has started 1 hour earlier/later, how come?

A. Please check if Daylight savings-system is in effect or if your timezone settings are correct.


Q.  I want my own show. How can I become a resident at DishFM?

A. DishFM employs a heavily-curated, invitation-only shows roster.
That means we dont give out shows without a thorough vetting process.
This process might seem long for some DJs, but it helps us keep our quality high
and helps ensure that we work with DJs that have the same passion for music that we do.
Normally, we start with a "Fan'taste'Dish” Broadcast and decide everything else from there.
But first you have to submit your mix for consideration. Read on for instructions on how to submit your mix.

Q.  What is a "Fan'taste'Dish Broadcast" broadcast?

A. Simply put, these are guest mixes that we play from dj mix submissions.
“Fan'taste'Dish” broadcasts are limited 1-hour spots that are being handed out only to dj's that WE think deserves
to have a set aired on DishFM.

Q.  How to apply for a “Fan'taste'Dish” spot?

A. Not following these instructions will result in us deleting your submission without reading it. So please read carefully!
Email us at with the following information in the body of the email:

- Link to your set on sendspace, dropbox or your soundcloud mix link for consideration.
- Your name, email and genre of the mix.
- A serious photo what presents you as dj.
- Brief note about your background / bio.
- No attachments, put everything in the email.

Emails containing the following will be ignored / deleted:

- The sound is a completely different genre (e.g. hip hop, pop etc)
- Your mail is cc'ed to gazillion other radiostations.
- Sending 10 follow up emails within a couple of days asking us if we have read your email.
- A separate track. We don't broadcast separate tracks, only full on 1 hour sets.
- Please don't contact us on twitter or facebook, we don't read those messages.

Due to the volume of emails we get, you will only hear back from us if your submission is considered a good fit.

Q.  Will a "Fan'taste'Dish” spot guarantee me becoming a resident?

A. There are no guarantees life.

Q.  How can I become an exclusive guest spot?

A. Exclusive guest spots are by invitation only.

Q.  Some rules for a "Fan'taste'Dish” set.

A. Please read the following rules for "Fan'taste'Dish” sets:

- Sets need to be EXCLUSIVE!
- Set length should either be 60 or 120 minutes.
- No voiceovers except our official DishFM Voiceovers allowed. When you have been invited we will sent you that link.
- Sets need to be in 320 kbps or higher.
- Please upload finished sets only to sendspace or dropbox. So no soundcloud, mediafire or other sharing sites.
- Make sure the set is mastered properly.


Q.  How can I advertise on the website?

A. Please contact for our rates.

Q.  The track title is not displaying on the website/winamp/media player

A. This might be due to a glitch. Please restart the player.

Q.  Where can I find the played history?

A. Unfortunately this is not available yet.

Q.  Where can I download the DishFM logo?

A. You can download a few logos here.


Q.  Where can I find the older podcasts?

A. You can find our latest podcasts on Mixcloud Soundcloud House-Mixes

Q.  Is there a podcast archive?

A. Unfortunately an archive is not available at this moment.

Q.  How do I download a podcast?

A. You can download some Podcast in Soundcloud or House-Mixes.

Q.  Where can I find the tracklist of a podcast

A. It is up to our Residents themselves to publish a tracklist for their PodCast. If there are single tracks from different sets,
we recommend to contact the Dj.


Q.  How old is DishFM?

A. Started as a streaming radio service in Cologne/Germany in 2010, with only two people at the time.
Since 2013 with new concept and design and from 2015 globally audible and accessible.

Q.  Can't find the solution to your question?

A. Please mail your question to our